Senior Living Health Tips: Knitting for Seniors

image of senior woman knittingAs the weather cools and the days get shorter, there’s no better place to be than in front of a crackling fireplace with a warm blanket! That’s why you’ll find so many of our residents gathering in our cozy library for our weekly knitting club.

Not only is knitting a great cold-weather activity, it’s also an ideal activity for seniors who want to maintain dexterity and mental sharpness, and enjoy time with friends. Our knitters know! 

Knitting for Good Health

For seniors, the health benefits of knitting are numerous. Here are just a few:


The precise hand movements of knitting help seniors maintain their dexterity. Many seniors report that knitting even helps reduce pain from arthritis. For seniors who experience discomfort, the adaptations are endless: different sizes and materials for knitting needles, different types of yarn, trying different stitches, and even using adaptive tools can make knitting a fun activity for nearly everyone.


Spin a great yarn while spinning some yarn! A common interest is an ideal way for seniors to come together and socialize. A knitting group provides a friendly, low-pressure environment for seniors to get to know others who share their interests.

Mental sharpness

A 2011 study showed that people between the ages of 70 and 89 who engaged in craft activities like knitting had a reduced risk of developing cognitive impairment and memory loss. For seniors who have never knit, learning a new skill also helps improve mental health, mood, and cognition.

Stress Reduction

The repetitive nature of knitting helps to calm and focus the mind, similar to the experience of meditation or yoga. Many knitters find that knitting helps reduce stress and worry.

Self Esteem

Completing a knitting project – small or large – is something to be proud of! Creating useful and personalized items offers a sense of purpose.

The FountainView knitting club meets weekly. See the calendar here, for knitting and other great cold weather activities!


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