Religious Traditions

FountainView offers the following:

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Independent Living Community in NY

A Glatt Kosher Kitchen

  • Strict Kashruth Supervision
  • All our foods are Cholov Yisrael and Pas Yisrael
  • Our meats are Chasidishe Shechita
  • Our Café contains all of the above

FountainView Shul

  • There are three daily minyanim in our beautiful spacious Shul
  • Our shul has a library with a full array of seforim.
  • The shul is open all day for one to come and learn.
Independent Living Community in NY

Shiurim and Lectures

  • Our esteemed Rav, Rav Yerachimel Seplowitz Shlit”a gives chumash Halacha and Hashkafa shiurim throughout the week.


  • Our kitchen serves gourmet traditional Friday dinner and Saturday lunch Shabbos meals.
  • Seudas shlishis is served each Shabbos afternoon.

Yomim Tovim

  • We have a large beautiful Sukkah right off the dining room.
  • Lulavim and Esrogim are available through the Rav.
  • The kitchen is Non-Gebrokst over Pesach.

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