image of fountainview senior living poolSenior Living Health Tips: Heart Health and Stress Reduction for Seniors
Did you know that according to the American Heart Association, over 70% of seniors age 60-79 have some form of cardiovascular disease? Over age 80, that number jumps to 83% of men and 87% of women. That’s why it is so important for seniors to look after their hearts. In addition to diet, two of the most important factors for keeping seniors’ hearts healthy are exercise and stress reduction – and the two are related. READ MORE

image of senior woman knittingSenior Living Health Tips: Knitting for Seniors
As the weather cools and the days get shorter, there’s no better place to be than in front of a crackling fireplace with a warm blanket! That’s why you’ll find so many of our residents gathering in our cozy library for our weekly knitting club. Not only is knitting a great cold-weather activity, it’s also an ideal activity for seniors who want to maintain dexterity and mental sharpness, and enjoy time with friends. READ MORE

National Chocolate Day: A Day for Seniors to Savor Good Health
There’s nothing quite like chocolate! The aroma, the flavor, and the melt-in-your-mouth goodness are enough to make anyone’s day. But, did you know that there are even more reasons to savor a piece of chocolate? Enjoying moderate amounts of chocolate, especially dark chocolate, has some surprising health benefits, especially for seniors: improved cardiovascular heath, stress reduction, and improved vision, just to name a few! READ MORE

Senior Living Health Tips: Exercise Your Brain!
We all know that regular physical exercise helps everyone stay healthier longer. But what about mental exercise? For seniors, mental exercise like card games, board games, and puzzles can help keep the mind healthy and sharp. The skills used while playing games and completing puzzles – memory, concentration, and strategic thinking – have benefits that carry over into everyday life. READ MORE

image of apples and honeySweet Foods for a Sweet New Year
Rosh Hashanah is just around the corner! As we celebrate the holiday together and wish each other a sweet new year, it’s a treat to know that the sweetest foods of Rosh Hashanah also provide many health benefits. READ MORE


Senior Living Health Tips: Yoga for Seniors
Yoga has increased in popularity over the past few decades, especially among seniors. In fact, there are 36 million people who say they practice yoga in the US. Why is it so popular? Yoga provides tremendous physical and mental benefits, especially for seniors. READ MORE


image of summer saladSensational Summer Foods For Seniors
From summer salads to juicy watermelon, the mid-summer harvest is full of great foods, especially for seniors. A rainbow of summer foods on a senior’s plate helps boost immunity, improve cardiovascular health, and tastes great! Learn more about locally available choices that are packed with healthful benefits. READ MORE


Three Things We Can Learn From Seniors About Happiness
What is the happiest age? Many of us think of the carefree days of childhood, or being young adults with so many possibilities ahead. But studies show something different: happiness increases with age. Studies show that happiness and life satisfaction are greater after age 60 and especially into our 70s and 80s! See what we can all learn about happiness from the seniors in our lives. READ MORE


Image of senior woman during summerSeven Summer Safety Tips for Seniors
If you’re enjoying the summer with a senior loved one, there are some simple precautions you can take to make sure that everyone stays safe and healthy as the temperature climbs. Seniors can respond differently to hot weather than younger adults. See our seven simple tips to keep the seniors in your life safe this summer. READ MORE


Image of senior holding flowers Happiness in Bloom: Benefits of Flowers for Seniors
Spring has arrived. We’re delighted to see flowers popping up all over our campus, from daisies to tulips to pretty flowering trees. All of that lush greenery and bright color is such a treat after a long winter. But did you know that it has health benefits for seniors, too? READ MORE


image of seder plateJewish Senior Living: Honoring Seniors At Passover
Every holiday on the calendar offers the opportunity to honor the resilience and wisdom of our senior family and friends. However, Passover is unique in the sheer volume of opportunities it provides. With the preparation for Passover, the holiday itself, and the return to routine occupying so much of the early spring calendar, there are countless opportunities to enrich the lives of seniors. READ MORE


image of holiday fruit6 Fantastic February Foods For Seniors
The “new year for trees,” Tu B’Shvat, is an opportunity to enjoy a variety of delicious and healthful foods, like whole grain wheat and barley, grapes, figs, pomegranates, olives, and dates. These foods are a perfect way to fill a senior’s plate during the winter months.While the growing season hasn’t begun yet in here in Rockland County, celebrating the holiday with these delightful foods during our winter months helps promote good health for seniors. READ MORE


image of senior men playing poolSenior Living Health Tips: Leisure Activities For A Healthy Life
Looking for something to boost your mood and health during these long, chilly winter days? The answer just might be exploring a new leisure activity. Leisure activities help reduce stress and can improve physical health at any age. For seniors, a variety of leisure activities can both improve health and help mitigate many age related concerns. READ MORE


image of fountainview senior living poolWinter Fitness For Seniors
As the weather turns cold and the days get shorter, it’s so tempting to hibernate! But, this is the time of year when it’s most important for everyone, especially seniors, to keep moving. The benefits of exercise are well known: regular exercise improves cardiovascular health, improves respiratory health, increases mobility and flexibility, and boosts immunity, mood and outlook. READ MORE


Image of Hanukkah GiftsEight MORE Great Hanukkah Gifts For Seniors
Shopping for seniors can be a challenge! Here are eight MORE great Hanukkah gifts for Bubbe, Zayde, and all of the seniors on your list. Just like our first eight gifts, these thoughtful gifts are fun, promote wellness and family, and fit any budget. READ MORE


image of soupJewish Senior Living: From Pomegranates to Potato Latkes, Seniors Benefit from Seasonal Fall Foods
It’s natural to crave different foods as the weather changes. Cool weather means crisp apples, rich soups, and comfort foods. But did you know that changing your diet with the change of seasons also has health benefits, especially for seniors? Learn how the tastiest in-season fall and winter foods also benefit senior health. READ MORE


image of mother and daughterJewish Senior Living: Autumn Safety Checklist
As the weather changes, there are so many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors! The arrival of autumn means crisp breezes and long afternoons taking in the changing leaves. It also means that winter is right around the corner. Learn about the simple things you can do to keep your senior loved ones safe this fall and help them get ready for winter. READ MORE


Jewish Senior Living: Safe Fasting on Yom Kippur
Can your senior loved one fast safely on Yom Kippur? With many seniors taking medications to manage health challenges, fasting can be complex. As the holiday approaches, it’s important to prepare by taking stock of your loved one’s health, talking with a physician, and if necessary planning with your rabbi for a modified fast. READ MORE


slide_reno_04What’s New At FountainView: Upgrades To Rockland County’s Best Senior Living!
What’s new, what’s cooking, what’s now, what’s next! We’re serving up great changes this fall at FountainView, starting in the dining room. READ MORE


image of senior woman on vacation Summer Vacations for Seniors: Mini Vacations, Big Fun!
Summer vacation. Those two words evoke memories of fun and exploration, childlike wonder, and great times with family and friends. For a senior, whether living at home or in a senior living community, a summer “mini vacation” with loved ones and friends is the perfect time to safely have fun, explore, and connect. READ MORE


image of independent living resident with flowersContainer Gardens Contain Healthful Benefits for Seniors
Gardening is great exercise, has been proven to relieve stress and improve healing, and rewards us with beautiful flowers, herbs, and vegetables. Learn more about why gardening is especially popular in senior living communities, and how to create a senior-friendly container garden. READ MORE


Image of messy closetSpring Cleaning: Helping Seniors Clear the Clutter
When the weather warms, it’s natural to want to open the windows, clear the air, and discard all of the extra “stuff” that has accumulated over the winter. For seniors, this kind of spring cleaning is especially important. Clutter free environments are safer to navigate, less stressful, and can even help reduce allergies. Learn more about helping seniors declutter, plus the items you should ALWAYS throw away. READ MORE


image of senior and adult daughterCelebrating “Moms in the Middle” this Mother’s Day
Life for mothers was very different when Mother’s Day officially became a U.S. holiday in 1914. But, one thing has remained the same: mothers are most often the caregivers in the family. Increasingly, mothers have the dual roles of caring for children and elderly parents. Learn more about caring for the caregiver in your family. READ MORE


Image of senior at SederThe Four Questions Your Should Ask About Senior Safety At Home
The days around Passover are exciting and busy, as families get ready to celebrate together. If amidst the celebration you’re worrying about the safety of a senior loved one living at home alone, holiday visits provide an opportunity to check in on their safety and well-being. Learn the warning signs that a senior may not be safe at home. READ MORE


kosher dining image What Makes FountainView Different From Other Retirement Communities?
For over 17 years, we’ve been the premier Jewish senior community in Rockland County. That’s because we do things differently here: we’re the only senior care community in the area where Jewish traditions meet modern design, such as our state of the art fitness and aquatic center. Now, as we look ahead to exciting new dining services and renovations of our common areas, we’re reflecting on what makes us truly unique. READ MORE

image of rocks and flowersMeditation for Seniors
Stress reduction is often touted as one of the key benefits of a regular meditation practice. For seniors facing the stress of changes in health and changing family roles, meditation can provide welcome support and help relieve mental and physical discomfort. READ MORE


pill-image-webManaging Medications For Seniors: What You Need To Know
With prescription medications available for nearly every condition, people are able to stay healthy for longer than ever. However, managing these prescriptions, their interactions, and potential side effects can be a challenge, especially for seniors who are likely to be taking multiple medications. READ MORE


image of soupWhat Do You Take For A Cold? Matzo Ball Soup, Of Course!
Cold and flu season is upon us, and the fatigue, congestion, and dehydration that come with a cold can be especially difficult – and risky – for seniors. While there is no cure for the common cold, research over the past fifteen years has shown that chicken soup does actually help with symptoms. READ MORE


senior activitiesHappy Seniors, Healthy Seniors
Happy seniors perform better cognitively and have better memory retention. A 2013 study at Ohio State University showed that seniors who had a temporary boost in mood performed better on tests of their decision-making skills and working memory. READ MORE


image of lotion bottleWinter Skin Care for Seniors
Drier weather causes dry, itchy skin, even during a mild winter like the one we’re having here in Rockland County. Seniors are especially vulnerable: as we age skin becomes thinner and produces less oil, which can lead to dryness and discomfort. Following are some tips to keep senior skin comfortable during the winter months. READ MORE


dreidels-small8 Great Hanukkah Gifts for Seniors
Shopping for seniors can be a challenge! We’ve compiled a list of eight great Hanukkah gifts for Bubbe, Zayde, and all of the seniors on your list. These thoughtful gifts are fun, promote safety, wellness, and family, and fit any budget.


pool_new_1000pixBenefits of Swimming for Seniors
Choosing a Rockland County retirement community that offers indoor swimming is just an added bonus to the healthier, more active lifestyle you will enjoy! At FountainView at College Road you will find a state of the art spa and heated indoor pool. READ MORE

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